This year Aqua Bears team suits will be ordered through our online store with swimoutlet.com. 

You will find team swimsuits, recommended goggles, and more in our store.  Swimoutlet.com will donate 8% - 10% of your purchase back to Aqua Bears!

Practice suits, goggles, fins and other gear can also be bought at Sports Basement San Ramon.  From April 29-May 13th Sports Basement will give San Ramon Aqua Bear families 20% off of purchases (for basementeer members, 11% off for others)

  • Team swimsuit: 
    • NEW Style!  This year our team has chosen to team suits by Arena.  (SPEEDO brand suits in the team store are having supply issues and will soon be removed from the team store)
    • They are available online in our team store at   https://www.swimoutlet.com/sanramonaquabears/  
    • Please choose the style/cut of suit that is best for your swimmer, from the options we have provided.  Please look at the backs of the girls suits, as some are more open than others. 
    • It does take 15 days for the logo to be printed on the suit, and additional time for shipping.  Please allow enough time for your order to arrive before time trials. 
    • If you are unsure of your swimmers suit size, you have the option of visiting a local sport store to learn suit sizing, or use our team sizing kit (when it arrives in mid May).



  • Personalized swim cap:
    • Caps were included in the registration process.
    • Aqua Bear logo cap with swimmers' name imprinted on the cap.
    • Available in latex and silicone (Silicone was an upgrade at time of registration)
    • Must be worn during practices to help identify swimmers while they are in the water
    • Must be worn at meets as part of the team suit
    • If eligible to swim at League Championships, it is the only cap allowed to be worn by our team members.
    • You will be notified ​about cap distribution once they arrive
    • Please wear a different swim cap until the team caps arrive.

  • Fins:
    • Available at Sports Basement San Ramon or online in our team store at https://www.swimoutlet.com/sanramonaquabears/  
    • ​For all swimmers 
    • Long fins made entirely out of rubber-Floating fins
    • Recommended:  Tyr Crossblade fins or Finis floating fins
    • Bring to practice