Registration timelines for 2024:

  • Priority registration for returning swimmers and their siblings begins Jan 15, 2024 until February 15, 2024.
  • Open Registration for new families will begin Feb 20, 2024

Membership Requirements:

Anyone may join the Aqua Bears swim team, provided there is space available in the appropriate age group(s). Swim team members must pay a family team fee of $250 and a swimmer fee of $250 for each swimmer.  In addition, we require team service hours from each family, each season.  The swimmers and parents must fulfill the obligations described in the Team Service Hour page to avoid the volunteer fee.

There are no "try-outs" for the team. However, for safety reasons, we have set forth the following guidelines. To be an Aqua Bear, a swimmer must be able to swim freestyle with side breathing across the pool without stopping or assistance (preferably 2 official swim strokes for 9+ year olds).  

We also have an Aqua Cub program, for siblings of current Aqua Bears swimmers, which is reserved for younger children ages 5 to 6 who do not yet swim well.  This is not swim lessons, rather an introduction to swim team.  In order to be an Aqua Cub, a swimmer must be comfortable in the water. They must be able to hold onto the wall unassisted while they wait their turn, they must be able to push off of the wall and torpedo 5 yards to a coach, and they must be able to hold onto a kickboard and kick the length of the pool.  Children ages 6 and under will be evaluated by the coaches or board members to determine placement as an Aqua Cub or Aqua Bear.    Please refer to the FAQs for more information.  

Membership Inquiries:

We ask that you review the FAQs section of our website PRIOR to making a membership inquiry.  To make a membership inquiry, please Contact Us