"Swimming is all about having fun,
and I am firm believer that you should
keep swimming as long as you are having fun."


The San Ramon Aqua Bears offers training and practice groups for swimmers ages 5-18 of all ability levels. It is the goal of the San Ramon Aqua Bears to offer age-specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Practices begin on Saturdays and after-school  in May for swimmers ages six and above.  Daily practices begin in June, usually on the Monday following the last day of public school in San Ramon Valley USD.  The Aqua Cub program also begins in June.  Please consult our Practice Schedule for more details.

The swim season opens with a Time Trial meet in early June.  Dual meets are held on Saturday mornings or Wednesday evenings from June until the Championship meet, which is normally the second to last Saturday in July.  The season-end event includes distribution of medals and trophies earned, awards, and a slideshow.  This event is held on the evening of the Championship meet.

Dual meets are held with other recreational swim teams in the Valley Swim League to give each swimmer the opportunity to swim as many events as possible in a competitive situation.  This lets the swimmer develop individual, team, and sportsmanship skills.  Positive feedback and encouragement at every level is the most important element of these meets.  The sequence of events is as follows:

  • Medley Relay (4 swimmers)

    • ​6U to 10: 100 yards, back-breast-fly-free, swimmers 1 and 3 on the blocks, 2 and 4 at the other end of the pool

    • 11 to 18: 200 yards, all swimmers start at the blocks

  • Freestyle

    • 6U to 8: 25 yards, 9 to 18: 50 yards

  • Butterfly

    • 6U to 10: 25 yards (kick board race is held in the later heats of 6U), 11 to 18: 50 yards

  • Breaststroke

    • 6U to 10: 25 yards, 11-18: 50 yards

  • Individual Medley (one swimmer, no relay)

    • 9 to 18: 100 yards; each swimmer does fly, back, breast, free

  • Backstroke

    • 6U to 10: 25 yards, 11 to 18: 50 yards

  • Freestyle Relay (4 swimmers)

    • 6U to 8: 100 yards, swimmers 1 and 3 on the blocks, 2 and 4 at the other end of the pool

    • 9 to 18: 200 yards, all swimmers start at the block.  

​The order for each event is 6U girls, 6U boys, 7/8 girls, 7/8 boys, 9/10 girls, 9/10 boys, 11/12 girls, 11/12 boys, 13/14 girls, 13/14 boys, 15-18 girls, 15-18 boys.

The regular swim season ends with the Championship Meet.  Because we are limited as to the number of swimmers that can compete in the Championship Meet, not all Aqua Bears will swim in this meet, but everyone is welcome to attend and cheer for their team.  The participating Aqua Bear swimmers will be selected by the coaching staff using criteria consistent with the Valley Swim League Rules.  All families are encouraged to attend the meet.

All swimmers who are not swimming in the Championship Meet are invited to swim in the Invitational Meet of Champions held on the last Wednesday evening of the season.


  • During the swim season, each swimmer receives a ribbon for each individual race they participate in, regardless of place or heat.  Ribbons are distributed during the week following a meet. 

  • Swimmers can earn additional awards by bettering pre-determined times. 

    • ​Medals:  Bronze, Silver and Gold medals comprise the first three achievement levels.  Swimmers must meet or beat the medaling qualifying times for his/her age group.

    • The trophy level is awarded for achieving current Contra Costa County qualifying times.  These Award Times are posted on our website. 

  • Medals, trophies and other awards are presented to the swimmers at our Awards Ceremony at the end of the regular season.  Every swimmer receives something.

During the swim season, the social committee organizes many festive events for the swimmers and their families.  Events held in the past include Potluck Dinners, Chili Cook-off, Talent Show, and more.  Following the championship meet, there is an Awards Ceremony for all team members.  All swimmers receive something and there is a slideshow to celebrate our team's summer together. 

Everyone is encouraged to contribute his or her ideas for fun events that might be integrated into the swim season.  Please contact the swim team Chairperson if you have any suggestions for new social events.